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*CLEARANCE 40% OFF* 2-way Tricot Dakimakura Cover

*CLEARANCE 40% OFF* 2-way Tricot Dakimakura Cover

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Design (Links in description)

This listing is for lower-grade stock of our general 2-way tricot dakimakura covers.

* Items may or may not contain slight defects that don't detract from the overall design. The images provided show an example of a damaged product.

* The fabric quality is lower than our current product

These tricot pieces are 50x150cm, and we will no longer be producing tricots in this size in the future.

Because these products are lower-grade stock, we will not accept returns or exchanges on these items. You can still request to cancel your order before it has shipped.

 You can find the info for each item on its respective listing:

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